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Question Answer Community - Queception is an online platform where people around the world ask questions and communicate knowledge. Its aim is to make the shared knowledge freely available for everyone. We believe that the best answers can only be achieve by getting a variety of views from people around the world connected on one platform. Through the natural exchange of questions and answers, Queception aims to be a safe, fun and engaging place for learning more about yourself and exploring the world around you.

Signup easily

Its signup process allow the visitors to be part of this site in few steps. We do not force our welcome users to provide unnecessary information (for example location, gender etc), instead they can get started by providing the basic information that is necessary (for example first name, email & password) for our system to activate the account.


To ask a question, the user is required to provide the title of question that should be simple and to the point so that other users can take interest easily. Explanation is the second phase that allow the user to explain the question in details. After the explanation the categories are chosen for this question. These categories will be used to show your question to the related users so that you will get more answers. Once the question is ready and posted, it is then placed on the top of questions list and visible to the corresponding users. Queception provides a set of formatting tools that the user can use to format the body of question which helps to read and understand it easily.


Answering is as easy as asking question. Our users can easily answer the question by using the same formatting tools that are used while asking the question. Queception is not very strict, which means that user can also answer his/her own question and can accept as well (in that case no reputation is given to the user), but user cannot vote his/her own question/answer.


Users can ask for more information about the question/answer or suggest improvements in comment section. Other than that, comment can also be used to thank users for their answer and time.


Explanation for this section is already answered:
How does Reputation work on Queception?

Easy to use

We did our best to provide user friendly and responsive web interface to the end user. Queception can be easily navigated on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Its distributed and organized navigation menu let the visitors and users to navigate through different sections of this website confidently. Links that are not visited regularly are placed off the screen to make the canvas of this site wider and clear.

Versioning system

Queception follow Semantic Versioning System. We are doing our best to improve this site and add more features in the future release. We welcome everyone to Queception.

If you have any questions, queries, comments or feedback, feel free to contact us.

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