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I am using subscription in my Android application. I want to be notified on the server side when there is any update about any subscription.

How to connect my server to Google Developer Notifications for subscription updates?

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Dec 9 '20 at 14:33:5

1 Answer

Real-time developer notifications (RTDN) is a mechanism to receive notifications from Google whenever there is a change in a user's entitlement within your app.

RTDN leverages the use of Google Cloud Pub/Sub, which allows you to receive data that is either pushed to a URL that you set or is polled using a client library. These notifications allow you to react immediately to subscription state changes, avoiding the need to poll the Google Play Developer API. Note that the inefficient use of the Google Play Developer API can lead to API quota restrictions.

There are two ways to get Real-time developer notifications (RTDN) from Google:

A push subscription allows Cloud Pub/Sub to send notifications to your secure backend by issuing HTTPS requests.

A pull subscription requires your secure backend server to initiate requests to the Cloud Pub/Sub server to retrieve messages.

For a complete guide please follow this link: (RTDN) Guide
Dec 9 '20 at 14:38:23
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