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what is cash flow statement and what should cash statement look like ???

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1 Answer

The basic cash flow statement is one of the main accounting statements.

The cash flow statement shows a business’s cash inflow and cash outflow over an accounting period. The accounting period can be any length but is usually a month or a year.

The layout of a cash flow for a company for annual reporting purposes is legally defined. However, for management account purposes the layout should be in the format most useful for managing the business. A typical and useful indirect method cash flow format for management is shown in the example below.

Basic indirect method cash flow statement

Net income 11,000

Depreciation 12,000

Loss on sale of assets 3,000

Gain on sale of investments -4,000

Changes in working capital -5,000

Operating activities 17,000

Purchase of assets -45,000

Proceeds from the sale of investments 10,000

Proceeds from the sale of assets 5,000

Investing activities -30,000

Issue of new capital 12,000

Issue of new debt 26,000

Repayment of debt -8,000

Dividend payments -2,000

Financing activities 28,000

Net cash flow 15,000

Beginning cash balance 1,000

Ending cash balance 16,000

Annual report of company

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